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"Der er så meget n00bs ikke forstår"


Social Proof is passionate about helping companies and individuals communicate more intelligently with their target audience. They know that people are buying people and that they do not want to be sold to. Therefore, LCD has established cooperation with exactly Social Proof, as they help us show what we can to the ones we would like to show.

FLOATING GRIP® is for everyone. Passion and persistence to innovate are what moves the people behind the brand. LCD has chosen to work with Floating Grip because our users deserve the best experience. Despite the fact that it is LoL being played in our league, there are still many who have other consoles, which is why we believe that many will be happy with this cooperation.

LCD has partnered with GameCoach to achieve a common goal, which is to strengthen the Danish elite scene. GameCoach offers the best platform to choose a coach and therefor gives an opportunity to become a better player. They have therefore sponsored this code, which gives 10% on a coaching hour, no matter which coach you choose: Enter this code: LOLDENMARK

Watch Me Media produces high quality videos and has solved tasks for some of the world's largest brands and made countless productions for smaller businesses. Watch Me delivers everything from single videos to facebook campaigns, youtube channels, instagram postings, snapchat stories and commercials. All of the above are the reasons why LCD has collaborated with Watch Me Media as they possess the skills to create better product value for the benefit of LCD and our followers.

LCD is proud to announce, that we have partnered up with eOddset / Danske Spil. eOddset is THE danish bettingsite for betting on eSports! This collaboration means that all our viewers can now bet on the matches in our best league, which creating even more excitement for our already close matches.